Marketing of Sound Media: Step By Step Guide to Improved SEO Rankings

SEO experts say that if you rank on Google’s first page, you’ll get over 95 percent of the traffic. If you rank on the second page or other subsequent pages, you will share the remaining 5 percent.

However, many people still find themselves at rock bottom. It doesn’t sound good and it won’t be profitable. Yet if you don’t have the right knowledge you may never get out of the sludge.

In the past few years, our SEO Company has been going around to help such businesses. One way that we have focused on is by giving them the best SEO guides. The basic guide is the one that I will give you here today.

It is the step by step SEO guide on how to rank highest on the SERPs. Let’s take a look at what it entails.

Step I: Know Google’s Ranking Algorithm

If you want long-term success with no penalties, you should first understand Google’s ranking algorithm. Understand that the ranking algorithm is dynamic. It changes frequently and the best way to catch up with it is through major updates. You can use Google Webmaster Central Blog to track the updates.

Step II: Know Your Current Search Ranking

To improve, you must first understand where you are. Luckily, there are numerous tools that can help you with that. They range from tools that you can use to check keyword rankings to tools that check your speed. Here are the dynamics that you can check.

  • Keyword
  • Website loading speed
  • Content speed
  • Page loading time
  • Website health report

Step III: Track the Right Metrics

Next is to track and then run a test for the right metrics. By tracking the vital metrics, you’ll understand what factors you should improve. Some of the most vital metrics that you need to focus on are:

Organic Traffic

Find out how many visitors you have received on your website. In addition to that track and understand how many visits were converted, when were they converted, and how long did each visitor take on your website.


Another aspect that you can track is the best keyword ranking for commercial use. The commercial KWs are the moneymakers. You must, therefore, understand how these differ from the regular keywords and what impact they have.

Step IV: Optimize for the Mobile

Over 50% of online searches take place on mobile devices. This means that the mobile platform is the largest online market today. If you optimize your website for it, you will be able to make more money. responsive web design will get you there.

  • Get mobile plugins
  • Use feasible open-source platforms

Step V: Fix the Current Problems

Finally, you should fix your current problems. Start with Google penalties and use tools to determine any other problems that need fixing. Check your:

  • Link influence score
  • Backlinks
  • Anchor texts

The subject of ranking takes time. It is not a day’s thing. However, with our SEO Company in Bangladesh sharing this knowledge, these first five steps will help you to get on track. It is important that you get the best returns on your investment.

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