Sparkling drinks for musician

Sparkling Drinks for Musician

Singers need to stay hydrated all the time. But the major question that lingers in their minds is if carbonated drinks are suitable for the kind of job they do, i.e., singing.

Many singers understand that if you are healthy, your voice will be superb too. For this reason, many singers are always keen on what they eat. The majority, if not all of them have a list of what they eat, and what they avoid entirely.

Experts are always on the front line to condemn soda and fizzy drinks. They say it has a negative impact on the voice and general performance. But the truth is that not all fizzy drinks affect your vocal performance.

Fizzy Drinks and Singing

Most people think that all fizzy drinks are soda, which is far from the truth. It is important to note that sodas have tons of sugars, calories, and other additives, which harm your body. Again, they have an impact on your vocal performance, which is significant and almost immediate.

If you take soda just before you go on stage, be sure that your performance will be worse. Some sodas have caffeine, which is actually bad for your vocals. The significant effect of caffeine is diuretic effect. It makes you feel thirsty.

While performing on stage, your throat will feel dry. Then your vocal cords will feel tight as well as irritated. This causes fatigue and hence a strain on your voice.

What’s worse, the soda has high sugar amount. Combining the sugar and caffeine makes your body to hit a rush. Ultimately, you will burn and crash.

Another essential thing to note is fizzy sodas increase the amount of gas in your stomach. Definitely, you feel bloated. Bloating is an uncomfortable feeling you can ever have while performing on stage. It affects your breathing; hence you won’t be able to control how you breathe.

Sparkling Drinks and Singing

Sparkling water has carbon dioxide gas- no doubt about it. But there are different kinds of carbonated water with different levels of carbon dioxide. With the best carbonation machine, you can make your own sparkling water cheaply and in plenty.

While carbonated drinks aren’t great for your singing, especially if you take them immediately before performing, sparkling water may not have a significant impact on your vocals.

  • Sparkling water has a high amount of water; thus, it keeps you hydrated all the time. Experts recommend that singers should stay hydrated all the time, as it makes the throat hydrated.
  • Sparkling water is slightly acidic. The amount of acid has doesn’t make your body highly acidic. Typically, your body remains slightly alkaline, i.e., pH of 7.35–7.45
  • Carbonated water has less or no sugars at all. This doesn’t affect your vocal performance.

Final Verdict

While carbonated water differs slightly from sodas, it is vital to note that different brands have different ingredients. Common examples of sparkling water include club soda, Bubly, Ice Mountain, Canfield, Klarbrunn, Dasani, LaCroix, and so on. The best SodaStream model will allow you to create the best sparkling water. But do not take them just before your performance.

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