Best Woodworking Plans

Where to Find the Best Woodworking Plans

Creating the best woodwork pieces requires enthusiasm and experience. But everybody starts somewhere. First, you need to have the collection of the right tools, and second, get the right woodworking plan.

Then you can start by building basic stuff. After a few trials, you’ll want to graduate to building more significant and sophisticated projects. That is easy, but it is dependent on the availability of the plans. Undoubtedly, there are tons of resources online, but the search can be overwhelming. Below are placed you can find these plans quickly. 

Search Forums

There are numerous DIY and woodworking websites, which have woodworking plans in abundance. Ted’s woodworking plans is an example. You can visit their website or forum to view the thousands of woodworking plans posted on the sites.

Join Woodworkers’ Associations

Where there is wood, you must find a woodworker. Interestingly, the woodworkers are always ready to share their plans and ideas with individuals who are willing to learn. For instance, the Woodworkers Guild of America posts a few projects on its website for its fans. Another example is the Modern Woodworkers Association, which produces podcasts.

Subscribe to Woodworking Magazines

Most woodworkers produce magazines. If you subscribe to such magazines, you’ll most definitely get the best plans. The magazines usually outline the latest tools and how to use them, techniques as well as trending woodworking plan. The advantage of subscribing to a magazine is that you get access to a database of projects.

Google Search for PDFs and Images

Google has everything. Thus, you can search for any plan that interests you by typing the keyword to the Google search engine. For instance, if you want to build a side table, you can get the pdf format picture by typing pdf on how to build a side table.

You can do an image search on Google also. Here you’ll pull out numerous images and photos of projects that interest you. When you click on an image, it will lead you to a project page.

Search Blogs and YouTube

Woodworkers share their works on blogs and YouTube channels. For example, teds woodworking plans are posted on their blogs. Therein, you can get in-depth information about each of their projects – a cut list, tools, materials, and instructions. Some sites offer the plans for free (limited number), but others charge a reasonable fee for a massive number of woodworking projects.

Final Verdict

The above search points are the best places you can get a variety of woodworking plans. The advantage is that you’ll get unique projects and the plan on how to build them. With this simple search, you save on time as well as money by finding all you need at one place and a low cost.

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